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My Story

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Farnham UK


I got my degree in England and enjoyed London's museums, modern art and tech conferences. Here I created my most bizarre videos, experimental websites and animations.

Rome Italy


Italy is my base and where I started my career as a Multimedia Technician; I was creating digital content for the awesome audience of St George's British International School.

Nicosia Cyprus


I went to Cyprus to join forces with HAYASA Productions. I proudly led their Web Department for over 4 years, learning a lot about web development, online marketing and project management.

Seville Spain


Possibly one of the best place to live in, Spain gave me the opportunity to design beautiful user interfaces for Geographica's apps and the possibility to start-off my freelance business.

At a glance

  • UX
  • UI
  • Front-end
  • Digital Marketing
  • Training
  • Coding
  • Pixel Pushing
  • Debugging

Skills & knowledge


10+ years working experience in digital design

2003 - current

Master in Multimedia Communication Management

2008, Uplevel, Rome, Italy

BA(Hons) Time Based New Media

2003, UCA, Farnham, UK

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